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Your source for Aluminum handgun grips, Aluminum AR15 / M16 pistol grips, Accessories and Extreme™ Series Aluminum frame knives.

Hogue Aluminum Grip Group

Hogue manufactures the largest selection, variety, color, texture and pattern of Aluminum grips available. Every Hogue Aluminum grip is precision machined from 6061-T6511 Aluminum. We quality test and inspect every batch of Aluminum material before, during and after every phase of our manufacturing process.

Hogue Aluminum grips are available for all popular models of Beretta, Browning, 1911, CZ / TZ, Magnum Research, Ruger and Sig Sauer...just to name a few! We also manufacture Aluminum 1911 mainspring housings.


Our Hogue AR15 / M16 Aluminum pistol grips and Aluminum free-float forends are extremely strong yet lightweight. In addition, our Aluminum pistol grips have been designed to work with the same Cargo Management System as with our OverMolded® rubber grips.

Hogue AR15 / M16 Aluminum pistol grips are available in the same colors,  textures and patterns as with our Aluminum handgun grips.

Hogue Aluminum AR15 / M16 Pistol Grip
Hogue Aluminum EX-01 Knife Group

A few years ago, Hogue launched a new knife product line as a collaborative effort with renowned custom knifemaker Allen Elishewitz. Our knife line has grown to include both folders and fixed blades.

Our EX line of folders is available with Aluminum frames and our EX-F line of fixed blades is available with G10 or G-Mascus scales.

All of our Aluminum knife frames are precision machined from the same Aluminum material as with our Aluminum handgun grips.